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30 AM  
23 AM  
16 AM  
09 AM Eric Scott: Jr. “Jacob Arminius? John Calvin? Fix Your Eyes On Jesus! “
02 AM Eric Scott: “Amazing Interpretation Of A Greatly Misunderstood Parable



26 AM Gordon Thomson: “The Burden And Tears Of Nehemiah
19 AM Trevor Black: “Band Of Brothers”
12 AM Harvey Stalker: “The Message Of The Cross”
05 AM John Bingham: “The Lord’s Table And The Lord’s Supper”


28 AM John Miller: “An Unknown God”
21 AM  David Randall: “”Look To The Rock!”
22 AM  Eric Scott: “Jesus, The Son Of God, Answer To Man’s Rebellion”
07 AM  Alan Kearns: “Jesus Meets An Unlikely Person In An Unlikely Place ”


31 AM Alan McBride: “The Power Of The Risen Christ In The Life Of The Believer
24 AM Eric Scott: Jr. “Meticulously Planned! It Didn’t Happen By Chance!”
17 AM Joe McNeilly: “The Lord’s Pattern For His Disciples’ Prayers”
10 AM Danny Chambers: “Jesus, My Shepherd”
03 AM  Trevor Black: “The Man, The Maid And The Miracle”


25 AM Gordon Thomson: “FAITH NOT FEAR! ”
18 AM Eric Scott: “The Joshua You May Not Know”
11 AM Paul Crowe: “POWERFUL! Solomon’s Wisdom For 2024”
04 AM Alan Kearns: “The Confidence Of The Believer ”


28 AM David Scott: “The Carpenter Of Nazareth, “My Beloved Son””
21 AM Dr Riaz Mohammed : “God Has Always Got A Better Plan”
14 AM Trevor Black: “Glory, Greetings & Grace; Praise From The Prison, A Doxology From A Dungeon”
07 AM John Miller: “In The Beginning God….” (Part One)
07 AM John Miller :“In The Beginning God….” (Part Two)




31 AM Douglas Gibb: “Eternal Life, God’s Endless Gift”
24 AM Iain Langlands: “The Powerful, Real Message Of Christmas”
17 AM Trevor Black: “The Wedding At Cana Of Galilee”
10 AM Gordon Thomson: “The Lord, Is He Your Shepherd?”
03 AM John Ferguson: Do You Have “An Understanding Of The Times”?