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25  AM  
18  AM  John Ferguson: “The Torn Veil Of The Temple”
11  AM John Miller: “Resource and Defence of the Christian”
04  AM Douglas Gibb: “Lazarus! Come forth!”


27 AM Eric Scott Snr: “Psalm 45: A Marriage Song”
20 AM John Miller: “…But where are the 9?”
13 AM  Harvey Stalker: “Christ The Living Stone”
06 AM  John Miller: “God’s Disclosure – Man’s Discussion”


30 AM Gordon Thomson: “Gossiping the Gospel”
23 AM Eric Scott Jnr: “A Cleansed Temple”
16 AM John Miller: “Understanding The Times”
09 AM Harry Clayson: “I am the Light of the World”
02 AM Iain Jamieson: “Who is Jesus Christ”

April  (WM indicates Weekly Message)

25 AM Paul Crowe: “Rest In A Time Of Trouble”
18 AM Iain Jamieson: “The Heart of the Epistle to the Philippians”
11 AM John Miller: “Resurrection”
04 WM Gordon Thomson: “He is RISEN”

March  (WM indicates Weekly Message)

28 WM Eric Scott: Psalm 23
21 WM Donnie MacLeod: Psalm 23 v 1-3
14 WM Phil Hair: Psalm 121
07 WM Allan Bowman: “The Easter Message”

February (WM indicates Weekly Message)

28 WM Peter Craig: “Hope For The Troubled Soul (Psalm 42”
21 WM Harry Clayson: “The Good Shepherd”
14 WM Andrew Maybin: “Times Of Difficulty”
07 WM Gordon Thomson: “God’s Gift”

January (WM indicates Weekly Message)

31 WM Iain Jamieson: “If I Perish, I Perish / Esther 4”
24 WM Harvey Stalker: “Chosen For Peace”
17 WM Eric Scott: “Our Lord’s Person, Passion and Position”
10 WM Iain Jamieson : “The Fullness Of Time”
03 AM John Miller : “Exodus 12 – The Passover”