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26 AM Chris English: “Highways And Byways”
19 AM Allan Bowman: Psalm 45:8 “The Garments Of Christ “
12 AM John Miller: “The Last Written Words Of The Apostle Paul”
05 AM Paul Crowe: “Down But Not Out”


29 AM Joe MacNeilly Psalm !43 The Ernest Prayer Of A Man In Trouble
22 AM John Bingham: “Grace Reigns
15 AM Harry Clayson: “The Obedience And Dependence Of Nehemiah”
08 AM John Miller: “The Sad Story Of Lot”
01 AM Eric Scott Snr: “The Amazing Accuracy Of God’s Plan For The World In Christ “


24 AM  David Scott “Fight The Good Fight Of Faith”
17 AM John Miller: “What Happened At The Cross?”
10 AM Eric Scott Jnr: “From The Bondage Of Sin To The Liberty And Rewards Of Sonship”
03 AM Paul Crowe: “Do You Acknowledge God In Your Heart, Your Words And Your Life?”


27 AM John Ferguson: “The Last Days, The True Church And The Harlot Church”
20 AM John Miller: “There Is A Place By Me”
13 AM Harvey Stalker “The Laws Of Life”
06 AM Not available


27 AM Not available
20 AM Harry Clayson: “Nehemiah’s Dangerous Faithfulness and God’s Amazing Provision”
13 AM David Randall “Yet There Is Room”
06 AM Douglas Gibb “The Year Of The Jubilee”


30 AM Charlie Webster: “Christ, God’s Righteousness, Not Man’s Religion “
23 AM Dr Charles Ferguson: “The Postman From Patmos Delivers A Letter To Laodicea”
16 AM Eric Scott Snr: “The Day Of The Lord and The Scarlet Cord”
09 AM David Scott “An Urgent Cry To Thirsty Souls”
02 AM John Miller: “A New Start For A New Year”



26 AM John Miller: “The Appearances Of Jesus”
19 AM Dr Charles Ferguson: “The Great Commission”
12 AM John Miller: “A Walk And A Talk With The Risen Christ”
05 AM Allan Bowman: “The Greatness Of Christ”