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27 AM Neil MacDonald: “Five Fundamental Truths”
20 AM Gordon Thomson: “No Distractions, No Disappointment”
13 AM Iain Jamieson: “Joseph, An Old Testament Type Of Christ”
06 AM Allan Bowman: “Man Of Sorrows”


30 AM Eric Scott: “Abiathar’s Story, The Error Of Replacement Theology”
23 AM Iain Jamieson :”Stormy Sea, Sleeping Saviour & Sudden Stillness”
16 AM John Bingham: “Conversations, Names And Records In Heaven”
09 AM Paul Crowe: “The God Of All Comfort”
02 AM David Greenaway: “The Burden Of My Sins Rolled Away (Psalm 103:10,12)”


25 AM Charlie Webster “All Through Jesus”
18 AM Harvey Stalker “Is God Our Father?”
11 AM Eric Scott Jnr: “1 Corinthians 9: Four Principles Of Service”
04 AM Harry Clayson: “The Word Of God, It’s Authority And Power”


28 AM Not available
21 AM Gordon Thomson: “With Jesus In The Storm”
14 AM Paul Crowe: “The Unfailing Compassion Of Our God”
07 AM Eric Scott Snr: “What Kind Of Love? “


31 AM Neil MacDonald: “Faith, Unbelief  And Their Consequences”
24 AM John Miller: “The Forgiveness Of Sins”
17 AM David Scott: “Treasure Seekers”
10 AM Iain Jamieson: “The Ordinary Folk Of The Early Church”
03 AM John Miller: “Who Was Responsible For The Death Of Jesus Christ”


26 AM Chris English: “Highways And Byways”
19 AM Allan Bowman: Psalm 45:8 “The Garments Of Christ “
12 AM John Miller: “The Last Written Words Of The Apostle Paul”
05 AM Paul Crowe: “Down But Not Out”


29 AM Joe MacNeilly Psalm !43 The Ernest Prayer Of A Man In Trouble
22 AM John Bingham: “Grace Reigns
15 AM Harry Clayson: “The Obedience And Dependence Of Nehemiah”
08 AM John Miller: “The Sad Story Of Lot”
01 AM Eric Scott Snr: “The Amazing Accuracy Of God’s Plan For The World In Christ “