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24 AM  
17 AM  Harvey Stalker “The Secret Of Progress In The Christian Life”
10 AM Danny Chambers: “A Call To Repentance And Cleansing”
03 AM Alan Kearns: “This Is My King! Do You Know Him?”



27 AM Paul Crowe: “Keep Going On, Going On”
20 AM Allan Bowman: “This Is My Story! What Is Yours?”
13 AM Trevor Black: “Has The Love Of Christ Made YOU A Chanel Of Blessing?”
06 AM Eric Scott: “The Great Forgotten Truth Of The Gospel”



30 AM Robert Neilly: “A Tale Of Two Cities”
23 AM Douglas Gibb: “A Tale Of Two Josephs”
16 AM Alan Kearns: “NO OTHER GOSPEL!”
09 AM Neil Macdonald: “God’s Answer To Habakuk’s Bewilderment”
02 AM John Ferguson: “Contending For The Faith In The Face Of Apostasy”



25 AM Eric Scott: “Chosen? Predestinated? A Clear Biblical Exposition”
18 AM David Scott: “Jesus “The Magnificent””
11 AM Alan McBride: “METAMORPHOSIS!”
04 AM John Bingham: “His Poverty, My Riches”




28 AM Paul Crowe: “Kindness & Forgiveness, Imperatives Of The Christian Walk”
21 AM John Matthews: “Service, Sacrifice And A Snake In The Grass “
14 AM Gordon Thomson: “WARNING! You must be ready (Matt. 24:44)”
07 AM John Miller: “The Rejected King Will Return – Wrath Or Refuge!”




30 AM  Paul Crowe: “Prayer, Supplication And Thanksgiving”
23 AM Joe McNeilly: “A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken!”
16 AM Alan Kearns: “A Preacher’s Passion For The Lost”
09 AM Eric Scott: “The Astonishing Accuracy Of Bible Prophesy”
02 AM John Ferguson: “Behold The Man”




26 AM John Bingham: “Treasure In Jars Of Clay”
19 AM Not Available
12 AM  Harvey Stalker “The Lord: Is He Your Shepherd?”
05 AM Christopher English: “Look And Live”